Since 2009...

A multiplicity of millimeters!

Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm and 35mm


About CineSea

In September 2009, John Black started a thread on the 8mm Forum with the title "A Film Convention in Wildwood, NJ. Any interest?"


What is it?
It is an event that is solely for film collectors. All gauges will be represented. This is about 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film and equipment. It’s a chance for collectors to get together for a weekend of buying, swapping, showing and talking about films.


Created by John & Shorty Caruso, the purpose behind CineSea is to keep this hobby going, to give the collector an affordable show in an affordable location. Admission is free!



We lost John Black in 2011. We carry on and dedicate each show to John

and also to those who share his passion for film. 

Doug, Shorty & Lou at CineSea 4 



John left us a while back, but we have strived to maintain the idea of a friendly show with motion pictures as a source of happiness. I am proud of CineSea and of everyone who works to make it happen.




The show is really about the amazing people who come to enjoy CineSea again and again, giving each gathering a vitality and liveliness that make it so much fun. There's one thing that we all want, and that's to thread up a projector and enjoy our films with our friends.




It's a shame John isn't here to see how big CineSea has grown. It's an honor for Doug, Shorty and myself to keep doing this labor of love. We'll see you all soon at the next show and I know we'll have a good time like always. Thanks evereybody, for making this happen.