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"The two CineSea weekends every year are the best weekends of the year, by far. The four F's are at CineSea - Friends, Food, Films and Fun."

- Gary Crawford


What a GREAT time I had visiting my fellow film buffs this past weekend. I feel EVERYTHING was WELL WORTH the effort put forth to drive a total of 1200 miles and experience this cool bonding and FUN!!


- David Baker   



"I picked up several features at great prices, but even if I went home empty handed, the camaraderie we have there is priceless. Great to be with people who love film and know how to laugh!!"

- Jack Cleveland  



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Years after that first show, CineSea is still a work in progress: a work of good people seeking to do good. At the start it was just a bunch of people wanting to buy and sell films on a Saturday and be home before Sunday lunch. Today it has grown to so much more: Thursday Night Theme, Friday Night Feature, Saturday Night Show. It is still wonderful in its humbleness: never spectacular, not luxurious, yet always welcoming, always friendly.

In the time in-between, traditions have grown, as have friendships. Children have grown up and the grownups have grown older (-as we do!) What’s so nice for those of us that have experienced this very special event is we’ve had it to look forward to twice a year, and we will look forward to it for many years to come!

- Steve Klare     





As the screenings wind on into the night, come Sunday afternoon another CineSea has happened. It has happened, firstly, because John Black invented this thing, and secondly, because those of us who have come again and again have found it to be fun, friendly and satisfying from a hobby perspective.
This is togetherness in the best sense, set in a wonderfully quaint town right on the ocean.

These images speak for themselves in showing the enjoyment of the event, the love of film and of the sharing of it with others...IN PERSON, and that is the crux right there:
In person. The reason John and Shorty founded CineSea.
That CineSea lives on is a testament to how important that is, how the pleasure of the company of fellow “film nuts” is truly at the core of the hobby.

- Claus Harding